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Are we seeing the real or just an illusion

Light is a form of energy which let us to see this beautiful world, or it just a medium through which information travel in this universe with the fastest speed. Organisms long before evolve them to capture and interpret this flow of information. The organ which capture the light is an eye, but this organ was not very developed in those ancient organisms. The first organism with eyes was planaria, but they have not very developed one. Today many organisms have this essential organ and we are one of them, this organ had played a great role in the survival of our ancestors and no doubt it’s a very essential part of our body. Light helps us to understand every action which going on our daily life, but it not only tells us about our daily life, it can uncover the whole universe. For example, it told us that the universe is expanding, it can tell us the direction of moving stars and galaxies. So, let start with the basics.
When we see any object, at that time we are just observing the bea…

Quantum physics

Everything was looking much accurate and theoretical, the force which attract the apple towards the ground is the same force which keeps moon in its orbit. Every object in this try to keeps its state (Newton’s first law of motion), every stuff in this universe with mass have property to attract another stuff with mass (i.e. Gravity). The earth revolves around the sun due to the same force which holds you on ground. At that time scientist thought that these laws are applicable for every stuff and everywhere in this universe but, this concept was wrong. In the year 1920, there was the rise of new branch in physics which deals with very small particle (i.e. elementary particles). And soon physicists found that there is totally different world for elementary particle which looks very strange from our point of view. In our world nothing could be happen without any reason but in quantum world everything could be happen without any reason. For example: in normal world a ball cannot move unl…

The smallest particle.

From very beginning, it was a mystery that ‘how small a particle can be broken. And this idea first explained by one of the brilliant mind ‘Dalton’. According to him when we keep broking any particle, a time will come after which it cannot be further broken and this particle was called atom. He also proposed some concepts: -

- Atom is smallest particle of any element which cannot be further broken (actually not).

- Different elements have different atoms.

- Atoms of same elements are similar in all respect (actually not).

- Atoms combined together to give molecular atom.

In few respects his theory was right, but he gave the idea about an atom. During the study of atom several physicists done several experiment and one of them is ‘cathode ray experiment’. Through this experiment, Thomson contributed that every atom is compost of a universal particle called “Electron”, through this experiment he also contributed: -

(a) An electron is universal particle which is present in every stuff i…

Can we teleport?

Transportation had played a great role in human development. After the discovery of wheel our speed of development increase vigorously, then we invented engine and replace horse with it. Our need made our transportation much efficient and faster. Today, we can travel one country to another country in just a few hours.

Today, our need became much bigger which can’t be possible with our diesel or petrol engine. We want to uncover our whole cosmos but, still we even not reached to our neighbour planet Mars. May be someday we were able to reach on mars. But it will be much expensive and not every human on earth can afford it. But scientists are taking about new possibilities in the field of transportation, which can change the whole process of transportation and they call it ‘Teleportation’. I know, you have heard about this, also you may know a lot about it. This thing looks science fictional but when you think deeper on this topic then you realise that it could be possible. Suppose tha…

Discovery of the smallest particle (Atom)

From the beginning of the human civilisation people always used to think that 'what is the smallest particle?', 'And what makes different stuffs to show different properties'. Like coal burns easily and produces heat but, water do not burns. There ware lots of questions always arises in the mind of the ancient scientist.
Democritus was the Greece philosopher who used the word atomos (meaning - indivisible). According to him if we divide a stuff further and further then a time will come when it will not be further divisible and that particle will be called as atom. He was the first who gives an idea about the smallest particle. But there was no any experimental proof of its existence. John Dalton a british chemist proposed atomic theory in the beginning of 19th centuary. His theory was supported by the laws of chemical combination. One of the important fact regarding his atomic theory was atoms are individuals. In later half of 19th centuary Dimitry Mandeleve develop …

What is red shift and blue shift of light.

Today I am going to describe you about the red shift and blue shift of the white light. You are not going to see this phenomenon until you travel at the speed near the speed of light or until you see any object moving near the speed of light.

But you can experience the same phenomenon with sound. Have you ever heard the sound of vehicle sieren when it is moving towards you or moving away from you at high speed. You will noticed that when it is coming towards, then you will hear same sound with high pitch, but when it is going away from you then you will hear low pitch sound.

Well, why it happens?

As we know sound travels in the form of wave. When the vehicle is coming towards you, at that time the sound wave compresses, due to that compression of sound wave the wave-length of the sound wave get decrease due to which frequency get increased. But there is no change in its amplitude. ( It means 'db' remains constant ).

Similarly when vehicle is going away from you, then the soun…

Finding the main motive of our life.

You woke up at 6:00 AM, you took shower, brushes your teeth, you eat your breakfast and you becomes ready to go to office. You do hard work in your office and come back at 6:00 PM. At night you take your dinner with your family. This is your overall daily routine. If you compare your daily routine with ancient humans, then you will find that there is only difference of work but the motive of current humans and early humans is same. What is your main motive to go office? That is to earn money, through which you can feed your family. And money fulfill your all need. And also early humans work for their family. In ancient time man hunt animals to feed their family. Means our motive is same, only the way of achieving get changed.

But have you ever thought about the main motive of our life. Well it is a confusing question. Go beyond your limits and try to think about the motive of that organism, who developed first on this planet. At that time the climate of the earth was very harsh, so w…